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Multispectral UV/IR camera MultiCam SCIR

Цифровая УФ/ИК-камерой MultiCAM Digital UV/IR camera MultiCAM enables the user to locate and identify corona discharge and infrared hot spot activity on electrical equipment, including transmission lines, operates in daylight.

The MultiCAM SCIR camera comprises:

  • Infrared channel – 8-12 mkm;
  • UV channel – 240-280 nm;
  • Video channel – 625 CCIR lines (PAL).

The MultiCAM System provides a simultaneous video image of an infrared spot and corona. This information assists the user in determining the location of the hot spot and/or corona and also, by a close examination, its possible cause.  Since the video provides a moving image, it is possible to determine the seriousness of the hotspot (i.e. how the pattern develops over time), the characteristics of the corona source and to identify the type in question.

Standard images produced by the MultiCAM camera

УФ-изображение изолятора наложенное поверх видео

UV-image of an isolator  overlaid upon a video

УФ-изображение наложенное поверх ИК

UV-image overlaid upon Infrared

Типовое изображение с УФ-канала

Standard UV-channel image

Пример термограммы  трех фаз (расщеплены) и грозотроса (верхняя часть)

Sample of  thermal images of three phases (splitted) and a ground wire (top end)