This fall NP AGP "Meridian+" acquired in property the latest high-end mobile laser scanning system - RIEGL VMX-450 (Austria). Absolute accuracy of spatial coordinates determination by mobile scanning system RIEGL VMX-450 satisfies the accuracy of producing maps and plans of 1:2000; 1:1000; 1:500 and smaller scales.

According to the manufacturers data, the modular construction of  RIEGL VMX-450 system and the original fixing mechanism provides its installation speed on various vehicles, and also watercrafts and a rolling stock of the railroad. Quick 3D data collecting of high accuracy and resolution allows to use RIEGL VMX-450 for such works as mapping of automobile and railroads, surveying of river coast lines, harbors structure, industrial enterprises, objects of power industry including high voltage lines and also open pits and minings.

The uniqueness of mobile scanning system technology (mapping) of RIEGL is that the measurement process is fully automated and is carried out directly in movement at a speed up to 100 km/h, what allows to accomplish huge amount of works for the shortest time.


Fields of usage:


Tasks solving in the interest of automobile roads projecting and reconstruction:



Manufacturers technical information about mobile scanning system

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