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Hydrographic equipment

The “Meridian+” Enterprise constantly updates and enlarges the park of its hydrographic equipment to be always ready to perform projects of any complexity at the national and international standards’ level. The equipment for hydrographic survey of the “Meridian+” Enterprise allow performance of works both in confined open waters and inland water-ways in depths of 0,5 m and over, and open sea areas up to maximum sea depths.

Boat Trident 720СТ

Boat Trident 720СТ

For performance of marine survey we use the Trident 720СТ aluminium boat which is easily transported by automobile trailer to the work area. This increases significantly our mobility and allows being independent of possible problems with water craft lease on site.

All the equipment we possess for underwater technical survey is mounted on the boat. Double-current independent power supply is organized for operations support of all systems involved in survey operations.


Hard-structure length 7,2 m
Maximum length 7,5 m
Width 2,4 m
Amidships depth 0,8 m
Submersion 0,4 m



Amidship     18º

Dry weight

850 kg

Fuel tank capacity

205 l

Cabin deckhead height

1,6-1,7 m

Transom height

0,51 m

Outboard  capacity

175 hp

Reacting power

15 hp

Passenger-carrying capacity

7 persons


800 kg
Dual frequency echo sounder Kongsberg “ЕА 400SP”

Dual frequency echo sounder Kongsberg “ЕА 400SP”

Dual frequency portable hydrographic echo sounder with most optimal frequency operation – 38/200 kHz is perfect for surveying both in shallow water depths in small and open boats, and in depths up to 1500 m when mounted on marine vessels..

Multibeam echo sounder R2Sonic “Sonic2022”

Multibeam echo sounder R2Sonic “Sonic2022”

Sonic 2022 is a fifth-generation compact wideband shallow water multibeam echo sounder, suitable for solution of a wide variety of hydrographic survey tasks.

With the higher resolution (1,25 cm) the Sonic 2022 provides over 20 selectable operating frequencies to chose from within the 200 to 400 kHz band, which provides for unparalleled flexibility to trade off resolution and range and controlling interference from other active acoustic systems. In addition, Sonic 2022 provides variable swath coverage selections from 10° to 160° as well as ability to rotate the swath sector. Both the frequency and swath coverage may be selected ‘on-the-fly’, in real-time during survey operations.
The echo sounder is perfect for detailed seafloor contour survey and water area survey at depths starting from 0,5 m from a vibrator up to 400 m. Pass band width of 60 kHz provides for doubling of imaging precision compared to other echo sounders.

Elimination of the number of separate topside processors and interfaces made this echo sounder ideal for mounting on submersibles and small survey vessels.
Side scan sonar system “EdgeTech 4125-P”

Side scan sonar system “EdgeTech 4125-P”

Ultrasound dual frequency side scan sonar with Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, which provides higher resolution acoustic seafloor, submarine objects’ imagery with lower noise level.

EdgeTech 4125-P is specifically developed for smaller depths. The choice of operating frequencies – 400/900 kHz provides for a perfect combination of the operating range and accuracy grade in shallow waters. Resolution per frequencies – 2,3 cm/ 1,5 cm respectively. Built-in compass, roll and pitch heave sensor, pressure sensor.

Ship motion control sensor IMU-108

Ship motion control sensor IMU-108

Ship motion control centre IMU-108 provides high accuracy motion measurement data in dynamic environment in all areas from small hydrographic vessels to large oil rigs in all weather conditions.
IMU-108 consists of several axial electronic components which convert built-in accelerometers’ signals in output vessel heave data. The data collected by electronic components is processed and filtered in a central processor of the sensor.

Roll and pitch heave measurement accuracy - 0.03° (RMS). Vertical heave component accuracy - 5 cm or 5%, which is better. Acceleration/ velocity measurement in all directions.

Set of navigation receivers Trimble “SPS 852 RTK GPS/GLONASS” (base, rover)

Set of navigation receivers Trimble “SPS 852 RTK GPS/GLONASS” (base, rover)

SPS852 is best suited for performance of both geodetic survey and high-accuracy positioning of a vessel in the RTK regime (±10 mm +1 mm/km plan, ±20 mm +2 mm/km height) during hydrographic survey, which significantly improves accuracy of sea area plans drafting, as well as calculations based on such data.

The SPS852 modular receiver is perfect for setting of permanent or temporary bases, for use as part of rover complexes as well as sea-based applications.

Sound velocity sensors Valeport “MiniSVP”, “MiniSVS”

Sound velocity sensors Valeport “MiniSVP”, “MiniSVS”

A compulsory requirement for high-quality imaging of seafloor contour survey is precise knowledge of the vertical profile of sound velocity underwater. To solve this task we apply sound velocity sensors MiniSVP and MiniSVS. Currently these speed velocity sensors are the most precise in the world.

Tide gauge Valeport “TideMaster”

Tide gauge Valeport “TideMaster”

Universal tide gauge TideMaster is used for short and long term survey. The appliance can be used in salt and fresh water. Optional control panel with a display, telemetry, embedded memory card provide for unprecedented functionality of the appliance. Due to low energy consumption and user-defined data sampling regime the gauge can work autonomously up to one year. Different online data transmission methods allow broadening the operational capacities of the appliance up to creation of a wide network of stations.

For under-water visual technical survey we use a small-sized remotely operated submersible vehicle by the INDEL-Partner Ltd company “SuperGNOM V.2”.

SuperGNOM2 is used for search (aftersearch) and examination of under-water objects, creation of plans (map-boards) of under-water working areas, maintenance of operations performed by plungers, manned submersible objects or remotely controlled submersible objects in coastal or inland waters.

QINSy is a modern software accumulating experience of best experts in performance of hydrographic survey.

QINSy is a software for managing operations of a hydrographic complex, even if this complex is composed of hydrographic equipment by different manufacturers.
Sphere of application:

    • Hydrographic and oceanographic survey
    • Offshore inspections and marine pi maintenance
    • Marine construction works
    • ROV and AUV tracking and data collection
    • Barge, tug and fleet management
    • Chart production