Aerial laser scanning (lidar aerial survey) implies optic-mechanical scanning of an area by high-frequency pulse laser emission (for instance, 150 kHz), receiving and registration of a signal (pulse) reflected from the object’s surface, determination of the distance from the reflection point and coordinates setting computation of the reflection point laser scanning points.

In order to ensure compute coordinates of laser scanning points (LSP) the aerial laser scanning system (aerial survey lidar) comprises equiped  with a positioning and orientation system providing on the base of GNSS and inertial measurements for location position and orientation of a laser scanning system at the moment of pulse emission. This allows acquiring a high-density (several points per m2 ) cloud of laser reflection points with set spatial coordinates.

Cloud of laser reflection points for a built-up territory

3D territory model based on LPR and presented in a triangular array

Aerial laser scanning data is used for:

Laser scanning data processing is performed by a software complex Тегга Scan H and  TerraModeler based on MicroStation. 

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