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Aerogeodetic enterprise “Meridian+” specializes on performance of aerial survey works with the use of digital aerial cameras combined with aerial laser scanning systems which enhance productivity of application of aerial survey data, allow effective creation of three-dimensional urban area, vegetation cover and transport infrastructure models.

  • Creation of a geodetic satellite network
    Creation of a geodetic satellite network
  • Digital aerial RGB image (channel)
    Digital aerial RGB image (channel)
  • Digital aerial image (NIR range)
    Digital aerial image (NIR range)
  • Laser reflection points
    Laser reflection points

Creation of a geodetic satellite network

Methods and technologies of geodetic satellite survey based on GNSS methods are widely used for creation of reference geodetic networks, field aerial survey control point referencing , on-board positioning of aerial imagery photos perspective centres, field topographic survey, land management and cadastre works, monitoring of critical objects.

Цифровая аэрофотосъемка

Digital aerial survey

Digital aerial survey is performed with the use of modern topographic mapping aerial survey systems of high productivity, geometric accuracy, spatial resolution and photometric radiometric image quality.

Aerial laser scanning

Aerial laser scanning (lidar aerial survey) implies optic-mechanical scanning of an area by high-frequency pulse laser emission (for instance, 150 kHz), receiving and registration of a signal (pulse) reflected from the object’s surface, determination of the distance from the reflection point and coordinates setting computation of the reflection point laser scanning points.

Thermal aerial survey

Thermal aerial survey is registration of electromagnetic objects’ emission in thermal infrared spectrum range and its reflection in an image and representation of its result like an image.

Georadar sensing

Georadar sensing is performed with the use of georadars operating at depths up to 5 m and a 20 cm resolution and providing for detection of density fluctuations of the surveyed surface at creation of georadiolocation profile, thus enabling this method to underground communications including those without a temperature contrast.

Hydrographic research

Hydrographic research is a survey process of separate hydrosphere areas which includes scientific design, performance of hydrographic works, processing and analysis of their results. The contents of a hydrographic survey are determined by the composition and amount of the data the Orderer Customer requires.

Создания TrueOrtho


The Meridian+” Enterprise is one of the few companies using the TrueOrhto technology and having experience in creation of true orthophotos, which show in an orthogonal projection not only the earth surface, but also objects (buildings) placed on it. As a result, buildings and other high-altitude objects are shown on real orthophotos without inclinations deriving from their reflection representation under the laws of the perspective.