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Engineering-hydrometeorologic survey

Engineering-hydrometeorologic survey ensure complex studies of hydrometeorologic conditions of a construction area (region, site, track) and forecast of probable changes of these conditions as a result of reaction with the designed objects with the aim to acquire necessary and adequate data and materials for valid project decision-making.

The survey include:

  • determination of capabilities to satisfy demands in water and organization of different water uses;
  • choice of location areas for a construction site (track) and its engineering protection against adverse hydrometeorologic impact;
  • drafting of a general territory plan;
  • choice of engineering constructions, determination of their main parameters and construction organization;
  • determination of constructions’ exploitation conditions;
  • impact assessment of construction objects on the aerial and water environment and drafting of nature protection measures.


The following points are subject to studying in the process of engineering-hydrometeorologic survey:

  • hydrologic regime   (of rivers, lakes, swamps, creeks, temporary water flows, seaside and shelf areas);
  • climate conditions and particular meteorological features;
  • dangerous hydrometeorological processes;
  • anthropogenic changes of hydrologic and climate conditions or their particular characteristics;


Scope of works:

  • collection, analysis and generalization of hydrometeorologic and mapping data of an area;
  • reconnaissance of engineering survey area;
  • observation of characteristics of a hydrologic regime of water objects and meteorological elements;
  • study of dangerous hydrometeorologic processes;
  • study of soil frost penetration and snow cover characteristics (for land);
  • cameral data processing with determination of estimated hydrologic and (or) meteorological characteristics.