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Engineering-geodetic survey

Engineering-geodetic survey is performed on the basis of a regulatory framework. Field (regulatory) data control and acceptance is compulsory.

Types of works:

  • setting of centres, establishment and development of geodetic networks, surveyor’s pickup, mine survey networks, special geodetic networks for construction works.
  • setting of vertical control points, II, III and IV class levelling;
  • satellite geodetic survey;
  • special topographic survey of 1:5000-1:500 scales, including survey of underground and on-surface structures, as well as special 1:200 and 1:100 scale plans;
  • updating of special topographic (engineering-topographic) plans in graphic, digital, photo forms;
  • geodetic works connected with staking and fixing of mines, geodetic and other engineering survey points;
  • fixed geodetic surveillance of deformation of buildings’ bases, earth surface and soil, including local monitoring of dangerous natural and anthropogenic-natural processes;
  • engineering-geodetic and cartographic support of geoinformation systems’ maintenance of enterprises, inhabited areas and state cadastres;
  • field tracking of linear construction objects;
  • geodetic works during equipment mounting, alignment of crane ways and vertical position of pillars, constructions and their elements;
  • geodetic works on physical location of hidden underground structures during reparatory and other works.