From 21st to 23rd May 2013 Non-commercial organization Certification Union (“Soyuzsert”) conducted 13th annual specialized seminar with the topic “Efficiency enhancement of the enterprise management. Questions, problems, solutions. Special aspects of enterprise management in market-oriented economy conditions”, which was visited by 150 people representing 108 organizations including Federal Agency of technical regulation and metrology, Federal Agency of defence order, Industry and Trade Ministry, Ministry of Energy, All-Russian Quality Organization (VOK), “GOST R”, Academy of quality problems of the Russian Federation and other organizations working on the management quality enhancement and products certification problems.

It is the third time RPGE “Meridian+” LLC takes part in this event, because the implementation of the quality management system on the Enterprise began in 2007 and in 2013 the Enterprise received “Integrated management system” certificate which no other companies in this sphere do not have.

On the seminar the Quality service Manager made a presentation on the topic called “Practical experience of integrated management system creation on the base of ISO 9001 standards requirements (quality), ISO 14001 (ecology), GOST R 12.0.0230-2006 (labor safety)” and also about confirmation of quality management international certificates IQNet and “Quality Austria” which faced high interest of the audience. In the presentation the author talked about the creation of Management Integrated system on the Enterprise which specializes on digital aerial photography and supplies digital geo data of high accuracy for topographical-geodetic maintenance of cadastre realty objects and also for complex engineering surveys and ecology.



Company profile: Research-and-production geodetic enterprise “Meridian+” Limited Liability Company is one of the leading Russian companies which since 2000 specializes in the performance of digital aerial survey, laser scanning, topographic-geodetic, hydrographic and land planning works, complex engineering survey and land assessment.

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