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RPGE “Meridian+” LLC participated in the II Interindustrial research and practice conference “Life cycle of industrial objects. 3D modelling. Construction. Exploitation.”


The ultimate goal of the II Conference is the development of the market of digital (informational) models of infrastructural objects during the whole life cycle, what is very important factor for the boost of investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Russia, decrease of investment risks, engineering quality increase, lowering of the constructional period and exploitation expenses.

This year more than a hundred representatives of the ten strategic branches of the Russian Federation took part in the Conference, such as oil and gas complex, nuclear, hydro, heating and power industry sector, pipeline, road and railway transport, the mountain industry, starting from investment department and till construction and operating divisions, through all the chain of the object life cycle.

On the Conference one could listen to the presentations of the leading and authoritative design institutes of different branches – JSC “VNIIG named after Vedeneev B.E.“,  JSC “Atomenergoproekt”, JSC “NIAEP”, JSC “Roszheldorproekt”, CJSC “Transputstroy”, JSC “Dalenergosetproekt”, CJSC “Institut Stroyproekt”, JSC “TomskNIPIneft” and others. The most impressive presentations from the soft companies were from CJSC “CSoft” and Autodesk which were the part of organizational team and also sponsors of the Conference. On behalf of the educational branches institutes and universities spoke Vice-principal of innovational activity of SSGA Professor Seredovich V.A., who closely works for a long period of time on training and retraining of 3D modelling specialists.

The latest news of the season which was fully highlighted on the Conference is BIM. This type of technology is also known in our country as informational modelling. The presentations from the representatives of foreign and national companies being devoted to that technology attracted listeners interest. Perhaps, for the first time in Russia, at the conference of such format were presented detailed reports on experience of this technology usage, economic effect from implementation which highly reduces time and money expenses, starting from a projecting stage and also about experience of construction projects financing on the basis of such multidimensional model.

The conference results you can read on the webpages of our site.

Conference press centre



Company profile: Research-and-production geodetic enterprise “Meridian+” Limited Liability Company is one of the leading Russian companies which since 2000 specializes in the performance of digital aerial survey, laser scanning, topographic-geodetic, hydrographic and land planning works, complex engineering survey and land assessment.

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