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RPGE “Meridian+” LLC achieved prestigious award from Rosaviation


On the eve of Russian Civil Aviation anniversary employees of airline company RPGE “Meridian+” LLC in accordance with an Order of the Head of Rosaviation A.V.Neradko were granted decorations – the Anniversary Medal “90 years of Civil Aviation” for perfect accomplishment of work functions, commitment and insistence in concrete problem solving. Sixteen awards were presented to the aviation staff of RPGE “Meridian+” LLC in the day of anniversary on 8th of February 2013.

Anniversary Medal in honour of 90 years of Russian Civil Aviation.


Aero surveying enterprise “Meridian+” from the moment of its foundation was oriented on the aero surveying. The enterprise has wide range of aero surveying equipment from the world leading manufacturers, including modern aerophotographic cameras and laser scanning. The purchase of the own plane was a natural move for the purpose of aero surveying works realization. In 2009 the enterprise “Meridian+” purchased aero surveying plane B-300 (King Air 350, Beechcraft, USA).

From the moment of the plane purchase the aviation staff of RPGE “Meridian+” LLC started to work on the receiving of all necessary certificates which allow carrying out aero surveying from the board of the plane. They include:

  • Aircraft type certificate of plane assignment (aero surveying plane);
  • Certificates of conformity from manufacturers of aero surveying equipment about equipment usage capacity on this aircraft;
  • Approval of  aircraft Beechcraft manufacturer, which allows using all types of aero surveying facilities on this aircraft;
  • Certificate of airworthiness of aircraft as a aero surveying plane;
  • Air Operator’s Certificate on carrying out of aero surveying;
  • Flying crews are experienced pilots, who have many flight hours, passed additional training in training centers and allowed to flight operations on this type of aircraft. Operators are ready for works with certificated aero surveying equipment.


Airline company RPGE “Meridian+” LLC is registered in the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO and corresponds to its high requirements.

In the current moment RPGE “Meridian+” LLC is the only company in Russia which has the law to carry out aero surveying works from the board of own aero surveying plane В-300 (King Air 350 Beechcraft, USA) RA -02812.  

For RPGE “Meridian+” LLC the receiving of Anniversary Medal in honour of 90 years of Russian Civil Aviation is the event of high importance. The young airline company received high level recognition being in a row with the most recognized civil airlines in Russia with many years’ experience.

Company profile
Research-and-production geodetic enterprise “Meridian+” Limited Liability Company is one of the leading Russian companies which since 2000 specializes in the performance of digital aerial survey, laser scanning, topographic-geodetic, hydrographic and land planning works, complex engineering survey and land assessment.





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