On 26th of December on New Year’s Eve RPGE “Meridian+” LLC received a great present - Certificate of conformity to the Integrated management system. It is the fifth and perhaps the most valuable certificate which the Enterprise achieved in terms of the management system. From 2007 RPGE “Meridian+” LLC started to work on the Implementation of the Quality management system and its development. During this period of time four certificates were achieved from which two of them are international standard certificates.

The first two are certificates of conformity to the requirements of the All-Union State Standard R ISO 9001-2001 and 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). Certification authorities “EURO-SOYUZSERT” in terms of the voluntary certification system “SOYUZSERT” executed the conformity certification of the Enterprise to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in the International net “IQNet” and certification “Quality Austria”.

Received certificates are applied to the activity in the area of satellite and aerial survey, geodesy, engineering survey, mapping, land management and market evaluation of land, condition monitoring of the environment pollution, technical inventorying.

For the purpose of the Enterprise management system development a “Plan of activities for documentation development and implementation of the Integrated management system of the Enterprise in the area of quality, ecology, labour protection and industrial safety” was brought into action. A special internal audit group of the Integrated management system, which includes Quality management system, ecological management, labour protection and safety regulations management system in accordance with the All-Union State Standard R ISO 9001-2008, the All-Union State Standard R ISO 14001-2007, the All-Union State Standard 12.0.230-2007 and OHSAS 18001:2007, was created for the realization of these activities.

From 19th to 22nd of December 2012 by certification authorities of the “Certification body of the integrated management systems “SOYUZSERT” of the Voluntary certification system of management systems “Register of the management systems” was executed the audit of the Integrated management system of the Enterprise and was given the Certificate of conformity №03601, Registration № ROSS RU.FK15.K00104, the registration date 26.12.2012, valid through 26.12.2015. The certificate was signed by the Head of the “Certification body of the integrated management systems “SOYUZSERT” N.S.Hersonskiy and Commission chairman M.S.Ulyanov.

Company profile
Research-and-production geodetic enterprise “Meridian+” Limited Liability Company is one of the leading Russian companies which since 2000 specializes in the performance of digital aerial survey, laser scanning, topographic-geodetic, hydrographic and land planning works, complex engineering survey and land assessment.

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