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This fall NP AGP "Meridian+" acquired in property the latest high-end mobile laser scanning system - RIEGL VMX-450 (Austria). Absolute accuracy of spatial coordinates determination by mobile scanning system RIEGL VMX-450 satisfies the accuracy of producing maps and plans of 1:2000; 1:1000; 1:500 and smaller scales.

The ultimate goal of the II Conference is the development of the market of digital (informational) models of infrastructural objects during the whole life cycle, what is very important factor for the boost of investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Russia, decrease of investment risks, engineering quality increase, lowering of the constructional period and exploitation expenses.


From 21st to 23rd May 2013 Non-commercial organization Certification Union (“Soyuzsert”) conducted 13th annual specialized seminar with the topic “Efficiency enhancement of the enterprise management. Questions, problems, solutions. Special aspects of enterprise management in market-oriented economy conditions”, which was visited by 150 people representing 108 organizations including Federal Agency of technical regulation and metrology, Federal Agency of defence order, Industry and Trade Ministry, Ministry of Energy, All-Russian Quality Organization (VOK), “GOST R”, Academy of quality problems of the Russian Federation and other organizations working on the management quality enhancement and products certification problems.


In Havana, the capital of Cuba, from 18th to 22nd March 2013 took place Geomatic conference. The event was a part of 15th International Informatics Congress and passed in The Palace of Congress of Havana. The delegation set from RPGE “Meridian+” LLC which introduced Russia on this congress compounded of Director General Golovikhin A.V., Director of the Innovation centre Bugayevskiy Y.L. and Director of the International Department Tikhonov V.V.


Each year at the second Sunday of March Russian Geodesy and Mapping workers celebrate their professional holiday – The Day of Geodesy and Mapping Workers of Russia. This date was stated by the order of the President of the Russian Federation from 11th of November 2000. The same month was given start for mapping survey in the Russian Empire when in 1720 Peter the Great signed the relevant act.


On 26th and 27th of February 2013 RPGE “Meridian+” LLC participated in All-Russian research-to-practice conference “Industrial security and geological-surveying work maintenance by hydrocarbon production” took place in Tyumen. The presentation of RPGE “Meridian+” LLC Development Director took the audience’s attention. In his presentation, the topic of which was “The usage of new recording technologies for extended territories.” Mr. Gryaznov talked about the “Meridian+” existing potential for execution of aerial photography works, on the example of the projects being earlier executed for oil and gas sector.

On the eve of Russian Civil Aviation anniversary employees of airline company RPGE “Meridian+” LLC in accordance with an Order of the Head of Rosaviation A.V.Neradko were granted decorations – the Anniversary Medal “90 years of Civil Aviation” for perfect accomplishment of work functions, commitment and insistence in concrete problem solving. Sixteen awards were presented to the aviation staff of RPGE “Meridian+” LLC in the day of anniversary on 8th of February 2013.
Due to the fact of the necessity of state geodetic net modernization (SGN) of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), which was created in the coordinates system of the year 1942 (CS-42), vital questions were raised by the initiative group of scientists and specialists of Russia and Kazakhstan concerning geodetic net modernization in the Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) GLONASS and GPS. The first discussion of the problem took place on 5th-8th of June 2012 in Astana during business meeting in the State Republic Enterprise “Kazgeodesy”.
On 26th of December on New Year’s Eve RPGE “Meridian+” LLC received a great present - Certificate of conformity to the Integrated management system. It is the fifth and perhaps the most valuable certificate which the Enterprise achieved in terms of the management system. From 2007 RPGE “Meridian+” LLC started to work on the Implementation of the Quality management system and its development. During this period of time four certificates were achieved from which two of them are international standard certificates.
RPGE «Meridian+» LLC has participated in annual “Mashimov's reading” which took place on 3 and 4 of October 2012 in Ust-Kamenogorsk in the East-Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D. Seribaev. This year the International Research and Technology Conference with a topic called “Problems and perspectives of state geodetic network development in the Republic of Kazakhstan” was held as a part of the event.

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