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Company profile

Research-and-production geodetic enterprise “Meridian+” Limited Liability Company is an actively developing Russian company which since 2000 is a supplier of actual and high-accuracy geospatial data for solution of  tasks of  the economic development of  Russian subjects of Federation structure.

Working trends:

  • geodetic works, including creation of satellite reference stations networks;
  • multi-purpose aerial survey;
  • aerial and terrestrial laser scanning;
  • topographic survey;
  • cartography: creation and updating of geographical, political and administrative, special and thematic plans;
  • complex engineering survey, including engineering-geodetic, engineering-geological, engineering-hydrographical and engineering-ecologic works;
  • mining survey;
  • territorial land management and registration of land and other real estate rights;
  • cadastre and market evaluation of real estate;
  • land inventory;
  • evaluation of land condition and the dynamics of negative processes development;
  • geodynamic research;;
  • creation and implementation of general and special GIS-technologies;
  • certification of industrial facilities, monuments, architectural solutions based on three-dimensional models;
  • inspection of industrial safety;
  • monitoring of critical objects’ geometric parameters;
  • research and development.